Vintage Surrey shaving soap


birdlives: I got my fingers crossed that you'll find something great for you.....wherever it is....But I do love this area, just beautiful....Although those neighbors to our North keep thinning out our wild razor kidding guys... Aug 25, 2015 1:33:37 GMT -6 *
birdlives: Yo RM..I've been hiting all the flea markets etc..haven't seen 1 razor. I'm thinking, maybe between the Pioneers, Prospectors, Lumber Jacks, Hippies, etc. maybe there isn't much of a shaving history around here..Do you see much action in the wild locally? Aug 25, 2015 1:54:20 GMT -6 *
wchnu: How are the CCW laws there? I did some reading and looks like it is not too bad, Aug 25, 2015 2:14:48 GMT -6
birdlives: @fuzz....$50, if you are not a felon they have to issue you one within 30 days of applying....any place of business can hang a 'gun free zone' sign and you have to honor it, but so far I haven't been anywhere that had one. But I hear someplaces do... Aug 25, 2015 18:18:04 GMT -6 *
birdlives: There are some nice ranges, and of course east of Seattle in some of the forrests and mountain long as it's not a hiking area...and there is a great out door range in Snoqualmie... Aug 25, 2015 18:23:31 GMT -6
RocketMan: And of course it's always open season on border crossing wild beavers. : ). Fuzzman - the coast is the spot to be! It's awesome up this way and you could do much worse than coming here! I hope to call you nayboor one day! Aug 26, 2015 8:57:34 GMT -6
RocketMan: BL - razors are getting darn hard to come by up here. They are typically overpriced too. You do get lucky though. I have picked up a few real winners for a few bucks. It seems the mundane, ordinary ones are the overpriced ones. But........ Luck is involved Aug 26, 2015 9:00:37 GMT -6
birdlives: I wholeheartedly concur with The RocketDood on this on. This area is awesome...And it would bump the Pacific NW's Prestige Factor up a notch to have the Fuzz-ster call it home...Not to mention our Real Estate values would go up.}8^)) Aug 26, 2015 20:14:18 GMT -6
birdlives: You have to be careful of the Wild Border Crossing Cougers....One almost ran over me in a Porsche the other day....:) Top down and flying.... Aug 26, 2015 20:20:32 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: Which had her top down? The cougar or the Porsche? Aug 29, 2015 0:10:07 GMT -6
birdlives: Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,Rotflmao! You killin me RM..... Aug 29, 2015 0:20:22 GMT -6
birdlives: Yo RM....I will definitely be debuting the new quintet at that club Boxleys in North Bend on Thur. Oct 29th...The recording will probably be later. I know its a hike, but if you ever want to hang,you're welcome to crash at my place in Issaquah.Our pleasure Sept 1, 2015 1:40:09 GMT -6 *
hellion: Hi guys have just joined this site. I live in Sydney Australia and am a Rolls Razor nut. A friend M J Clark a member of this site who convinced me to join. Sept 6, 2015 16:33:00 GMT -6
RocketMan: Welcome Hellion! MJ just posted a pic of a gold plated rolls here. Sweeeet. Great shavers. Sept 8, 2015 22:43:13 GMT -6
RocketMan: Yo Bird. I would love to try and make it down. A Thursday will be really tough to spring. I'm the new guy in a new gig and I may be 96 before I get time off lol! I will look at the calendar and see if something could be worked. I would be thrilled to come Sept 8, 2015 22:45:35 GMT -6
birdlives: Hopefully there will be more action for the new group than the one hit, };^)) I'll book it as much as I can, with hopes that I can catch you on a night off...ha,ha! Sept 9, 2015 2:11:16 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: You'll take the northwest by storm, be in great demand, and come to play in Vancouver. With our dollar right now though, maybe not. It would be nice to come down for a weekend sometime. Sept 10, 2015 20:58:02 GMT -6
birdlives: Lots of the Vancouver cats come down here and gig...It's only fair to return the gesture....I hope you're right, I'm into it...How far are you from the city of Vancouver? Sept 11, 2015 2:31:43 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: I'm on vancouver island which is still a ferry ride. It would be fun to get a room on a Friday or Saturday night and sit front row with a great big beer. Please arrange for it! : ) Sept 15, 2015 23:24:08 GMT -6
birdlives: I'll get right on that Sir. It would bring me great pleasure.... Sept 16, 2015 2:40:59 GMT -6