WESTER BROS - German Single Edge Razor


birdlives: ontday onay atway ourya alkintay outbay......utbay reethay ooges-stay ockray! Dec 20, 2015 0:05:44 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: I went and found a couple of the 3 Stooge bits on Pig Latin. I really didn't remember them. Huh. That stuff was in heavy reruns when I was a kid. Every Saturday morning it was either the Bugs Bunny Bit or them. Didn't remember this one though. Dec 22, 2015 23:45:47 GMT -6
wchnu: I have some pig in the oven.....not sure if it is a Latin one or not tough. Dec 23, 2015 18:01:59 GMT -6
birdlives: If it tastes like amhay then it's a latin one...or aconbay.... Dec 24, 2015 2:13:23 GMT -6
RocketMan: Inovenus Pigtus Oreallyus Dec 26, 2015 17:03:44 GMT -6
birdlives: Woot! RM is a Real Latinus Pigus Professor......All hail "barba tenus sapientes".....};^)). Of course.....everyone around here is perticularly well shaven.....ha,ha... Dec 26, 2015 20:19:48 GMT -6 *
wchnu: Ok going to try to catch up. work had been running me crazy, I put in over 500 hours of over time last year. I know there are a lot of guys that work that much but it does keep me busy. Jan 15, 2016 19:48:08 GMT -6
RocketMan: That sounds like a lot of work. Yikes. If we lived in the same town I'd say you're buying! P-) Jan 16, 2016 0:39:59 GMT -6
birdlives: ,....Or if we were to visit...? P-) Jan 17, 2016 3:51:04 GMT -6
RocketMan: Is the Fuzzee 1 living up your way now Bird? I know he'd talked about the possibility. No matter what, I still say he's buying! :) Jan 18, 2016 18:53:57 GMT -6
birdlives: :) (rofl) ...I wish.....the casino here didn't snatch him up fast enough...We might need to make a field trip down towards the Gulf...catch some rays and let the Fuzzmeister put all that overtime to good use.....lol... Jan 19, 2016 2:18:27 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......... Sounds good. Plates of crayfish and beer, sunshine, rest.........ahhhhhhhh. Fuzzy. We can consult for you for room and board. What say ye? Jan 20, 2016 23:59:41 GMT -6
birdlives: Yep......crayfish and beer....sunshine and beer.....Williams and beer...... :D..........Man, Fuzzy really does know how to show us a good time....rotflm@o! Jan 22, 2016 2:42:19 GMT -6 *
wchnu: WOO come on down, I have however moved out of the casino business for a bit. I got a bit burnout I guess. So I am job hunting. I got a place to stay though when you guys show up!!! And plenty of Williams to share. Jan 24, 2016 15:15:34 GMT -6
RocketMan: Well, playing the card deck from both ends..... ;) I hope you get some good old fashioned down south rec time. Probably involves camo. :D I would lovvve to come see you down there. Then I am currently burning outin my job and too busy to come : / Jan 25, 2016 21:23:59 GMT -6
RocketMan: Balance in life is sooo much harder to achieve than it is to say. Jan 25, 2016 21:24:39 GMT -6
birdlives: Fuzzy, sounded like you were due a little downtime, ENJOY ! And RM, sounds like you need a day away......I have a Concert at Tulas in downtown Seattle Feb. 24th....Swing on down and Bop the night away....}8^)) You're sure right about finding that balance.. Jan 26, 2016 2:39:29 GMT -6 *
wchnu: That is a catchy name for a tune there,, bop the night away... Mar 9, 2016 6:04:29 GMT -6
RocketMan: ....we all may want to bop, but can we really be bop? 8-) Mar 10, 2016 0:20:20 GMT -6
birdlives: Many are called, but few are 'boppen' Mar 12, 2016 3:24:36 GMT -6