WESTER BROS - German Single Edge Razor


RocketMan: Yo Bird. I would love to try and make it down. A Thursday will be really tough to spring. I'm the new guy in a new gig and I may be 96 before I get time off lol! I will look at the calendar and see if something could be worked. I would be thrilled to come Sept 8, 2015 17:45:35 GMT -6
birdlives: Hopefully there will be more action for the new group than the one hit, };^)) I'll book it as much as I can, with hopes that I can catch you on a night off...ha,ha! Sept 8, 2015 21:11:16 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: You'll take the northwest by storm, be in great demand, and come to play in Vancouver. With our dollar right now though, maybe not. It would be nice to come down for a weekend sometime. Sept 10, 2015 15:58:02 GMT -6
birdlives: Lots of the Vancouver cats come down here and gig...It's only fair to return the gesture....I hope you're right, I'm into it...How far are you from the city of Vancouver? Sept 10, 2015 21:31:43 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: I'm on vancouver island which is still a ferry ride. It would be fun to get a room on a Friday or Saturday night and sit front row with a great big beer. Please arrange for it! : ) Sept 15, 2015 18:24:08 GMT -6
birdlives: I'll get right on that Sir. It would bring me great pleasure.... Sept 15, 2015 21:40:59 GMT -6
wchnu: Nice echo in here!!! I can not check in to the shout box on my phone app. Oct 21, 2015 15:33:34 GMT -6
birdlives: HELLO O O O o o o o o o. o Oct 25, 2015 20:41:40 GMT -6
wchnu: How are things out there? Very wet down South these days. Oct 26, 2015 8:34:08 GMT -6
RocketMan: I'm just up the coast from the bird. It isn't too wet around here yet. Has been a very decent fall so far. Oct 28, 2015 19:23:24 GMT -6
birdlives: Yep....this Autumn has be Stellar, Enjoying every minute....How about you RM...? Have you been enjoying the Great Outdoors lately?..We've cut the firewood for this year, but the weather hasn't gotten chilly enough to fire it up. We're waiting patiently... Oct 28, 2015 20:02:38 GMT -6
foto43: Me presento. Soy aficionado al afeitado clásico y después de probar todo tipo de maquinillas, me decanté por las de un solo filo porque son las que mejor me van y mas me gustan. Espero encontrar aqui compañeros de afición. Saludos a todos. Oct 28, 2015 21:09:57 GMT -6
RocketMan: I've mostly been working. What summer? Oh well. Careful what you wish for I suppose. Oct 30, 2015 19:01:15 GMT -6
RocketMan: I did pick some fresh wild chanterelle and oyster mushrooms last week though. Oct 30, 2015 19:02:00 GMT -6
RocketMan: Saludos foto43! :) Oct 30, 2015 19:02:24 GMT -6
prometeo: Bienvenido foto43... espero que te animes a registrarte en el grupo y compartir fotos y afeitados... un saludo!!! Oct 30, 2015 22:03:42 GMT -6
paolo: Hi everybody, I'm an Italian shaver from Como. Some people of "Il rasoio.com"informed me about this very interesting forum. I hope to be able to help in future, so as this forum helped me at the present. Best shaves to everyone! Nov 1, 2015 4:43:52 GMT -6 *
RocketMan: Thank you Paolo. It is wonderful to have you here at TOST! Best shaves to you! :) Nov 3, 2015 18:57:25 GMT -6
paolo: Thank's Rocketman: I like very much your witty remark "so many razors-so little time!!" Ah,ah,ah! it's really true! Nov 4, 2015 10:13:38 GMT -6
RocketMan: It is true! :) Nov 6, 2015 20:18:34 GMT -6